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Denominational Discernment

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One of the responsibilities of the Discernment Team is to identify pertinent and factual information regarding the continued affiliation or disaffiliation with the United Methodist Church.  The Team feels the information found here will be helpful to you with your questions and concerns in this matter.  The Discernment Team would welcome your questions by way of the email we have established which is:  

The Team

 Marjorie Black, Sam Buckner, Cathy Cook, Stan Dickerson, Joy Erwin, Jim Gardner, Alex Goodman, Stephanie Harlan, Rush Harrison, Ken Horner, Cindy Johnson, Julius Johnson, Robert” Bob” Jones, Brian McKelvy, Steve Pendergrass, Justin Rhinehart, Peggy Richardson, Ben Sanders, Lee Stevenson, Bill Walters, Doug Williamson, Lee Wright


About the Educational Resources

The following are educational resources selected and provided by the Discernment team. This team’s role is not to make a disaffiliation decision on behalf of the congregation. As you will see below in Book of Discipline paragraph 2553, only a church conference can make the decision to disaffiliate from The United Methodist Church. 


The Untied Methodist Church

2016 Book of Discipline

Check the Table of Contents for Doctrine, Doctrinal Statements, General Rules, The Ministry of All Christians, starting on page 47. 


The BOD is updated at the General Conference and is the authoritative voice in our denomination. There are other GC approved documents as mentioned above, addressing Baptism, Communion and ordering worship. These materials can be provided for you, and an internet search will guide you.

Paragraph 2553 dealing with disiffliation was added at the Called 2019 General Conference. Addendum to The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church, 2016.

Faith Working through Love: A Resource for United Methodist Teaching

A recently released product from The Council of Bishops. Reads much like a Catechesis. Available on Amazon, in print and on Kindle.

Ask The UMC Series: Is The United Methodist Church  Really….?

As members of The United Methodist Church debate the church's stance on human sexuality, some congregations are considering whether they wish to leave the denomination. During this challenging time, misinformation about the church's official positions, how a church can exit, and what the future holds is causing added stress for many. Ask The UMC has created this series of FAQs designed to help dispel false information and provide accurate answers to the questions we are recieving. 


Tenesseee-Western Kentucky Conference


We thank all of you that have committed to remain United Methodists. Check out our new webpage dedicated to sharing powerful testimonies of folks throughout our conference who are committed to and passionate about the mission of the UMC. We want to hear what makes you excited to stay UMC! Email us your story at

Help for Leading Constructive Conversations about The UMC UMCOM has created a special presentation called "We are the Church Together," that will remind congregations of their identity as United Methodists while also inviting them to have constructive conversations about what they hope the future will bring, both for The UMC as a whole and their congregation.

Stones River District Human Sexuality Series by Rev Chip Hunter

Seven Videos from 8 Minutes to 1 Minute

Recommended Videos

Rob Renfroe, Good News

The United Methodist Church is Divided and Dividing

Good News, an approximately 55 year old organization that represents the conservative, traditional viewpoints of the Methodist Church. There are eight You-Tube videos by Rob Renfroe ranging from about eight minutes to sixteen minutes that will help you understand the issues.

Screen Shot 2023-02-13 at 1.35.03 PM.png

Adam Hamilton, #ProudToBeUMC

Adam Hamilton Responds to Rob Renfroe: Why UMC

Adam Hamilton represents the progressive, liberal points of view. The links to these videos are provided here. We encourage you to view these videos to broaden your understanding. 

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